Sunday, January 8, 2012

Woman's Glory: The Kitchen (New Year's Resolution)

I bought this classic mid-century Slovenian American cookbook last year, as a Christmas gift for myself. But I've just realized what a gem it is. In fact, it has given me a whole new direction in my Slovenian roots quest.

Woman's Glory was first published in the early 1950's in Chicago, by the Slovenian Women's Union of America. This well-used 1958 edition, which I discovered for sale online, was edited by Albina Novak. It's a charming mix of traditional Slovenian recipes and classic 50's American cuisine like jello molds and casseroles made with canned soup. 

I have in mind a sort of ethnic version of "Julie and Julia." I doubt
that I'll cook every recipe in Woman's Glory. In fact, I won't even limit myself to this book, because I've just added two more vintage cookbooks to my collection.

Here's my resolution for the New Year: Once a week, I'll make an all-Slovenian dinner. I'll try to stick to recipes from my trio of Slovenian American cookbooks from the 1940's and 1950's. Maybe I'll call it "Josephine and Jožefa: My Year of Cooking Ethnically."  That was the first name, in English and Slovenian, of my immigrant great-grandmother.  In fact, I've already started. I made my very first dinner last week! 


  1. hi,
    can you tell me what's on page 116. I had a cookbook that was given to me when my grandmother passed and a family member took it. I have a few copies from pages, but cannot remember the name of the book and I'd like to replace it. Any help in matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      My copy of Woman's Glory: The Kitchen is from 1958, but there are different editions. It is long out of print. Page 116 is in the "Pie" chapter and has recipes for Glazed Lattice-Top Cherry Pie and Pineapple Cheese Pie. Not traditional Slovenian specialties :-) To find a used copy can be hard. You just need to keep searching the Internet. I got my copy from the online market site Etsy, which sells handmade and vintage items. But I don't think there are other copies at the moment, last I checked. There are various online sellers that can be found if you keep looking.

      Good luck! Hope this helps!


  2. My Slovenian grandmother gave my late (non-Slovenian) mother a copy of this book when she married my Slovenian father in 1945. My mother was no feminist but she was no slouch in the kitchen either (she was a Marine Corp. Master Sergeant in charge of a mess hall during WWII). She found it rather offensive. My kid sister has the book now. What I'm wondering is if Melania Trump owns a copy, as every good Slovenian woman should.