Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Potica, Bread of Memory | Blair Kilpatrick | Blog Post | Red Room

Potica, Bread of Memory | Blair Kilpatrick | Blog Post | Red Room

I wrote this essay to answer a question posed on a writing community called Red Room:  What is the secret ingredient in your holiday traditions?

Naturally, I wrote about potica, the rich yeast bread that is probably Slovenia's most well known dish.  My family's version is more pastry than bread.  It's like the love child of brioche and baklava.

The secret ingredients are:

love, memory, and family
a refrigerated yeast dough made with sour cream
a simple, uncooked nut filling
a heavy hand with the honey

To see the recipe, follow the link above.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A long overdue update

Dear Readers,

I'm so glad that some of you continue to find my little orphan blog! I am still here. And I am still living, reading, and writing my Slovenian roots journey. I just haven't been writing about it much on this blog.

I do blog regularly about a variety of topics, including this one, at my main author site, at

In the last year, I have learned much more about my family history. Not all of it is pretty, but it remains endlessly fascinating.

I have also stepped into the intriguing world of genetic genealogy. Yes, DNA testing. First for myself, and then for my Slovenian American mother. So now I have long lists of distant DNA cousins to pursue, many of them with Slovenian roots. I've even connected with a 4th cousin, or so the DNA says, whose Slovenian immigrant ancestors started out in Ely, Minnesota, just like mine.

But here is the biggest change: Getting to know more real world Slovenians and Slovenian Americans. (Finally!) I have been spending more time at San Francisco's Slovenian Hall in the last year, where I've met so many sweet, lovely people. I've served up sauerkraut at festive dinners and learned to recognize the Slovenian national anthem. I can sing a one word song called "Zivio!" I did a book-and-music presentation there in the spring (see photo above!) and I'm proud to say that Accordion Dreams now has a place in their small library. So I guess that makes me an official Slovenian American author.

Oh yes. I am working on a new book. It's about my Slovenian roots journey.

And a final development: My family is going to be having a reunion. Hard to believe. I've connected with first cousins I haven't seen (or spoken to) in forty years. We're even exchanging potica recipes.

I love to hear from readers, so feel free to get in touch. I've decided to devote more time and attention to this blog. My new writing and cooking project will begin in January, so please check back.

Happy Holidays!