Sunday, January 1, 2023

Srečno novo leto! Happy New Year!


We returned home to California with happy memories, Christmas gifts, and a single loaf of potica from the stash I had taken with me. The rest was happily consumed or given away during our week in New York.

The surviving loaf was all that remained of the dairy-free artisan batch I baked and froze in mid-December. It defrosted in my luggage on December 20th and ten days later we are still eating it.

Last night, we toasted the new year with the three family traditions I grew up with:  a few slices from that well-traveled loaf of potica,  homemade Scottish shortbread, and eggnog. 

The potica still tastes good. It remains surprisingly moist, although a little toasting this  morning seemed to perk it up. 

Potica has staying power, in more ways than one.

And there is plenty more left in the freezer, from the other batch I made, using the traditional family recipe. 

Happy New Year!