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Found the Stresica
Holiday Baking and the Bittersweet Taste of my Ethnic Roots
Immigration Dreams I
Immigration Dreams II
Just off the Boat
Plymouth Rock or Ellis Island
Portrait of a Family in Transition: The 1940 Census
Reading Louis Adamic


  1. Hi Blair,
    My name is Adriana. I was born in Slovenia, but came to Australia in 1971 at the age of 8. I too often look up Slovenian recipes on the web.
    I intend to research my ancestry over the Christmas holidays; who has the time with 4 children and a husband, to do everything one wants to do. However............. it was lovely to come across your blog.
    Best wishes to you.

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  2. Hi Adriana,
    I'm trying again to post this without typos :-)
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm so pleased that you enjoy my blog! Haven't I read some of your writing before? Yes, family history research can consume a great deal of time, especially with a busy family life, but it is worth it, I think.
    All the best,

  3. Hi Blair,
    Thanks for these recipes - in English - so appreciated. I'm the flip side of you - an American living in Slovenia, trying to find my feet where I don't speak the language. "Kitchen Slovenian" is the best place to start, so I'm enjoying the markets, the food, the traditions - immensely. Your recipes are exactly what I need to accelerate my kitchen Slovenian. Thank you! Mary Keenan Email:

    1. Thanks for writing, Mary! So glad it is helping! Where are you living? We'll be in Slovenia in July!

  4. Love your article on potica babies.