2019 Slovenian Literary Award presented by SUA

I was touched and honored to be the recipient of the first annual SUA Slovenian Literary Award, announced at the organization's June 2019 convention in Cleveland.

My submission, "At the Potica Workshop," is the opening chapter of Potica Tales, the roots-and-food memoir I am currently working on. The book will tell the story of how I rediscovered my Slovenian heritage. The first chapter will be posted soon on the SUA website, with a link on their Facebook page as well.  (Update: It it is now posted! See link above.)

The SUA was established in 1926 as the Slovenian Women's Union of America (SWUA) for the purpose of raising the status of immigrant and first generation ethnic women. The organization became well known in the community for its series of cookbooks, beginning with Woman's Glory: The Kitchen (also well known to readers of this blog!) and for its bimonthly magazine Zarja/The Dawn, in continuous publication since 1929.

Over the years, the membership and the mission have evolved. The present name, the Slovenian Union of America, reflects that. The SUA is now open to everyone. It is the only national organization whose sole purpose is the appreciation and preservation of our cultural heritage as Slovenian Americans.

If you are a writer with Slovenian roots please consider submitting your work for consideration for next year's literary award. Deadlines and submission guidelines should be announced soon.

SUA on Facebook 
SUA website

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