Friday, August 29, 2014

Back Home Again; Still Unpacking

Klobasa Shop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I have been back home in California for a month.  And I am still unpacking.

The suitcases are emptied but I am still sorting out photos, memories, and impressions from the trip.  It was magical in ways I had not imagined.  From Venice to Slovenia to Kosovo. Visits to ancestral villagea. A day trip to the mountains of northern Albania.  At the end, celebrating the welcome news of a family engagement.  Dizzying and a little disorienting.

For a week after our return, I woke up each morning and thought I was in Albania. The end of the trip must have made an impression, since the first new recipes I attempted were Albanian.

We never had a bad meal.  Hotel breakfasts, airport cafeterias, farmers markets, street vendors, and destination restaurants.  Always good.  Sometimes memorable.   But not the most important part, although I will be writing more about food.  As soon as I finish unpacking.

In the Mountains of Northern Albania


  1. hello, great that you were in Slovenia. Which places did you visit?

    1. It was wonderful! In Slovenia, we stayed in Piran for 4 nights and then in Ljubljana for a week. Visited many smaller villages and settlements in Dolenjska, where my ancestors lived. Will have to write more about i.

  2. Great, looking forward to reading it :)