Friday, May 4, 2012

The Perils of Djuveč: A Preview of Week 16

Djuveč, or Finger Casserole

"Oh-oh.  Finger casserole?"

That's what a sympathetic Facebook friend commented, just after I posted the photo from this week's Slovenian dinner.

The dish was djuveč, a tasty meat-vegetable casserole. Probably of Serbian origin.  I'll be posting the recipe soon. 

 It was the delicious centerpiece of Slovenian Dinner #16.

Once I got back from the doctor's office, that is.

For the next eight weeks,  I'll be cooking with my finger in a splint.

The short version of the story: Balkan cooking is much safer than housework!

To read the full story, follow the link below:

Finger Casserole | Blair Kilpatrick | Blog Post | Red Room

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